Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 115 (2011)

Editors' Notes

Keith Challis (Ed). Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2010-11

Settlement Patterns in The Parish Of Bingham, Nottinghamshire from the Mesolithic to Modern Times by Peter Allen

Bothamsall Castle, Nottinghamshire an Archaeological and Historical Landscape Analysis by Andy Gaunt and James Wright

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture 2011: Trent Bridge School Nottingham 1909-1919: a decade of loyalty, service and endurance by David Nunn

'It's not what you know...' Patronage in eighteenth and nineteenth century Nottinghamshire. Introduction to Patronage essays by Richard Gaunt

Patronage and power in eighteenth century Newark by Stanley Chapman

The eighteenth century country attorney: Professionalism and Patronage. The Hodgkinsons of Southwell by Michael J. Kirton

Church and class patronage in Nottinghamshire in the nineteenth century by Michael Austin

Keeping it in the family: political patronage in early nineteenth century Nottinghamshire by Richard Gaunt

Samuel Barker: the Duke of Newcastle's head gardener at Clumber, 1899-1935 by Philip Jones

The Building Works of William, 4th Lord Byron, at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire 1700-1736 by Rosalys Coope

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