Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 124 (2020)



Notes on contributors 7
Plates and Figures 8
Officers of the Society 12
Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2020 edited by Chris King 15
Medieval Wall Painting at the Church of St Mary, Cuckney, Nottinghamshire by David Budge 49
An Archaeological Survey of the Duke of Portland’s 19th-century Water Meadow System at Cuckney, Nottinghamshire by Andy Gaunt 81
Landscape Surveys at Wiverton, Nottinghamshire by Matthew Beresford and Maureen Jarvis 105
The distribution of Catholic Communities in Nottinghamshire During the Reign of King James VI and I, by Keith Holland 113
Samuel Grimm, Dr Richard Kaye and the 5th Lord Byron at Newstead, by Pete Smith, FSA 127
Death, Landscape and Memorialisation in Victorian Urban Society: Nottingham’s General Cemetery (1837) and Church Cemetery (1856), by Paul Elliott 143
The Tragic case of Police Inspector Isaac Phelps, by Peter Hammond 167
W.P.W. Phillimore (1853-1913): Local and Family Historian and founder of the Thoroton Society, by John Beckett 183


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